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The Frozen Horror

Barbarian Quest Pack


This expansion has never been officially published in Deutsch.

Description - Quest Book - Cards - Tiles
Leaflet - Miniatures

The Frozen Horror Awaits!

Welcome, mighty Barbarian, to the land of your youth! The tribal elders have summoned you to protect the Northland from great danger. The Frozen Horror, an evil creature long thought banished, has burst forth from its icy tomb to await Zargon's command.

A champion is needed to oppose the Frozen Horror. To determine your worthiness, you alone must complete three dangerous Quests. If you survive, you and your fellow Heroes must journey into the depths of Ice Mountain. There you must confront the Frozen Horror and destroy it forever!

  • Contents
  • Quest Book with 10 new Quests
    including 3 solo adventures for the Barbarian
  • 15 finely-detailed plastic figures
  • Full-colour, cardboard tile sheet
  • 30 new game cards

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HeroQuest The Frozen Horror Quest Book

Quest Book (Englisch)

10 Quests in total.

  • beinhaltet:
  • 3 Solo Quests for the Barbarian
  • 5 Group Quests
  • 1 Double Quest

This Quest Book file is in booklet format.

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HeroQuest The Frozen Horror Artifacts

Artifacts (Englisch)

10 Karten insgesamt.

  • beinhaltet:
  • Amulet of the North
  • Armband of Ice
  • Ring of Warmth
  • Snowshoes of Speed
  • Spell Scroll: Chill
  • Spell Scroll: Ice Bridge
  • Spell Scroll: Ice Storm
  • Spell Scroll: Psychic Recovery
  • Spell Scroll: Skate
  • Spell Scroll: Warmth
HeroQuest The Frozen Horror Chaos Spells

Chaos Spells (Englisch)

6 Karten insgesamt.

  • beinhaltet:
  • Chill
  • Ice Storm
  • Ice Wall
  • Mind Freeze
  • Skate
  • Soothe
HeroQuest The Frozen Horror Monsters

Monsters (Englisch)

8 Karten insgesamt.

  • beinhaltet:
  • Mercenary: The Crossbowman
  • Mercenary: The Halberdier
  • Mercenary: The Scout
  • Mercenary: The Swordsman
  • Frozen Horror
  • Ice Gremlin
  • Polar Warbear
  • Yeti
HeroQuest The Frozen Horror Treasure

Treasure (Englisch)

6 Karten insgesamt.

  • beinhaltet:
  • 2x Poison!
  • 2x Potion of Magic Resistance
  • 2x Potoin of Warmth

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HeroQuest The Frozen Horror Tiles


HeroQuest The Frozen Horror Tile Sheet One

Un-Punched Tile Sheet One

HeroQuest The Frozen Horror Tile Sheet Two

Un-Punched Tile Sheet Two

HeroQuest The Frozen Horror Tile Sheet Three

Un-Punched Tile Sheet Three

HeroQuest The Frozen Horror Tile Sheet Four

Un-Punched Tile Sheet Four

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HeroQuest The Frozen Horror Leaflet

Leaflet (Englisch)

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HeroQuest The Frozen Horror Miniatures


15 finely-detailed plastic figures (1 Female Barbarian, 6 Men-at-arms, 12 Weapons [3 Crossbows, 3 Halberds, 3 Swords, 3 Sword and Shields], 3 Ice Gremlins, 2 Polar Warbears, 2 Yeti, 1 Frozen Horror)

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